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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Help me school is cancelled!!!!

Hello Everyone,
Their are weeks that I enjoy Tuesday and Thursday and their are weeks that I enjoy Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Now for the reason Kolton has school. It keeps him busy and keeps me a little less busy. Today however Mother Nature had to change things up for me, school was cancelled. Kolton was already to go and then we heard the news, you can say he was a little disappointed as he love school. I think today he was a little bit more excited as I was going to allow him to bring his mini stick to play hockey with the older kids at recess. Oh well. I guess we will survive. Jayden was a fairly excited that he didn't have to get out of the bed for nursery school this morning even though his wonderful mother was going to be parent helper during his class today. When Garth and Kolton went in to wake him this morning Jayden told them in a very sleeping voice that their was not time for fun!!! He is so cute.

Now for my darling Ava, can you say high maintenance. I am not sure what to do with her. The boys were both so nice and calm and would relax. Well my little Miss Ava will only nap for a total of 1 hour during the day and usually will only fall asleep if I have the vacuum running. She fights sleep like no other. It has been a very couple busy days and I am feeling a little drained right now. But I will regain my energy I know eventually.

I had to include this picture to remind me how nice it was when she used to sleep in her carseat. Gone are those days. Other then the nonsleeping she is doing really well. She has started to giggle which can melt away and feelings of tiredness or stress. It is the most wonderful sound a baby can make.

This isn't going to be a long post as I need to go and get some work around the house as Ava is having a little cat nap.
I love you all and hope to hear from you all.


At 6:17 AM , Anonymous Brandy said...

That is a very cute picture of Ava, keep up the blog. i love checking it out when you are all sleeping and i can't call home!!!

love b


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