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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Christmas Photo's to remember!!!!

Hello Everyone,
As stated in previous post I am going to try my best to keep updating. I noticed that I didn't include any Christmas photos. We had a wonderful Christmas, the boys were spoiled as usual and this year Ava was added into the mix.
We must have all been very good this year because we were very lucky to have a visit from Santa on Christmas eve. The kids were all excited, however Kolton did make one comment on how he only gets books on Christmas Eve so he didn't care too much to see Santa. He had a great surprise when Santa gave him a pirate set. I would have given him a lump of coal after his comment, but I guess Santa has a softer heart.

Sorry the photo of Jayden and Santa did not turn out. I don't want to be accused of missing him because he is the middle child. {Garth and Tara}.
We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning at The Shindle's then headed out to Delta to spend the rest of the day with my Mom, Dad, Brandy, Dave, Shelley, Howie, Heather and the kids. My mom created a wonderful feast which Janet, Dennis, Joc and Doug all joined us for. It was delicious.
Boxing Day evening we went to Shindle's for our usual Chinese Feast, another meal out done by Janet and Dennis. After supper the group when on a sleigh ride through the Island of Lights. Unfortunately I became ill with the flu so Garth, Ava and stayed back. I thought I would add this photo in of the boys because they look like such angels. The couple days leading up to Christmas they were far from being angels. Creating nothing but mayhem around the house. But what are boys for right?

I would love to write more however we must get ready to go watch Kolton play hockey. I hope everyone has a great week and we will talk to you all later.


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