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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Another Day...Another Day...Another Day

We had another day today. Grandpa Shindle came to help us take some things to the dump which consisted of mostly debris from the kitchen. We then took the kids to the rink because Kolton had a hockey practice and then Grandpa looked after the kids while Garth went to Morden for practice. Angie worked late in Winnipeg and stayed over night as she does every Wednesday. It was a busy day but it was calmed down by Grandpa's help once again. We consider ourselves lucky because we are able to get such support from our families and friends. It makes life far more enjoyable and allows us to do a lot more. There is no way Garth could coach, Kolton could play hockey and Angie could go to the gym regularly if we had no help. We have a deep respect for single parents who are able to provide opportunities for their kids because we know that those opportunities come at the expense of their own if there is no really solid support system. A big "Thank You" to everyone who helps us out and makes our life better. Have a great evening everyone. Hopefully you can keep checking back in.

"70's Batman" and "Beverly Hills Ninja" take to the streets on Halloween 2005.


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