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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the Shindle Family Blog. Hopefully we will update it on a regular basis and include pictures of the kids and of us "grown ups." We have entered a very busy time as we head towards Christmas. We will be hosting the School's Christmas Party on Friday and our Kitchen is in the middle of renovations so we are battling to keep the house clean and get the work done. When you combine that with work, coaching, Kolton's hockey, and Christmas, it is a little overwhelming. I guess it wouldn't really be the Christmas season if it weren't busy. Christmas is a great time of year and we are looking forward to seeing everyone.

Kolton has started hockey this year and is doing really well. He is one of the youngest kids at the age of 4 but manages to hold his own. He has now been close to scoring about 5 times but has come up empty so far. He seems to enjoy the game and LOVE the dressing room and all of the kids. I guess he is the same as everyone else who plays. The best part has always been the people. He is also in Nursery School and seems to be handling it well. He is pretty active and I suspect we will have some long Parent-Teacher Conferences over the years but he seems capable of learning everything. If he is like his Dad he will be a "Know it all" by the time he is about 15.

Jayden is growing like a weed. Except he is more like an Oak Tree than some skinny weed. Anyways, he is huge, cute and growing more stubborn and independent by the day. At the age of two he is already sharing Kolton's clothing. He is also the reason we are renovating our Kitchen. He overflowed the sink while Dad had a nap. The floors and coutertops were all destroyed along with some of the cupboards. OK, maybe it was Dad's fault.

Well, I hope there are a few people out there who are interested in paying us a visit. Leave us a comment so that we know you are there. Happy Holidays everyone.

Kolton the Hockey Star

Jayden the Hockey Fan / Rink Rat


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