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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Hello Everyone,

I am so sorry I have taken forever to update the blog. Garth's computer died, not to mention with all the pictures on it. Anyhow we are now back online with my good old faithful laptop. We have been really busy the last month as I have returned to the work force taking a new job in Winkler. Much closer to home however sometimes I miss the clinics. I am helping in the HR area with my new job, which get this is a flax seed company. I didn't in a thousand years imagine I would be working in that area. Anyhow things are going well.
Today on the other had has been a rough day, Ava is sick with a bad fever and ear infection. I had to stay home from work as their was no way I was going to send her to daycare. It made me miss being at home but that is life.
The boys are all doing great. We have gotten both Kolton and Jayden in soccor starting May 5th. I can't wait to watch.
Garth has been extremely busy with all his coaching, but at least he is enjoying it.
Any how once again I am so sorry it took so long and hopefully I will post some pictures soon.
I love you all.


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